Workwear Chic:  What to Wear to Your 9-5

Workwear Chic: What to Wear to Your 9-5

Oct 31, 2022shivangi raj

Picking out the right outfit to wear at your 9 to 5 office job is very hard, especially when the summer heat makes it tempting to not even get dressed at all. The outfit you wear to work is likely the clothing that you wear the longest, since a night on the town does not generally last 8 long hours. The length of time you wear your work clothes, the intensity of hot month’s heat, and the dress code of your work environment are the key factors when you are considering workwear online for work.

Definitely, this does not necessarily mean your interview or corporate workwear has to be boring and out of character – you can still let your personality shine through your clothing with an HR-approved dressing, whatever the season!

As the season change, this guide will support you figure the distress and pick an office-right outfit, for a suitable 9-5 style:


In a professional atmosphere, you will most likely be meeting clients in person on a regular basis. Fabrics like cotton and silk are best in summer as they are breathe and lightweight. You can play with colours and go for a nude blouse to look more professional.

Business formal

Just because your office has a formal dress code, you need to sweat it out in a 2 piece suit to look the part. Pick a light-weight, high-waisted trousers pair with breezy shirts or blouses that still look fitting in a professional atmosphere. Keep your shoes closed at the front and go for heeled sling backs if your feet are prone to swelling.


Media agencies and fashion brands tend to have an artistic atmosphere where workers have the freedom to show their personality via their clothes. If you work in a more artistic setting like these, you can throw on your favorite vintage outfit with your patent flats or even experiment with light denim jeans and logo T-shirts.

Corporate Casual

In a corporate wear casual atmosphere, shorter hemlines are acceptable, as are cropped trousers and open-toe sandals. For a stylish summer outfit, go for midi skirts or culottes paired with a floral print chiffon blouse and a few statement accessories.


Many millenials confused casual with “what you wear to bed last night”. In simple words, don’t turn up to job in what could extremely well be your PJs. You can mix and match smart and casual pieces to get an uber-cool look, like a dress shirt-dress with smart plimsolls or a knee-length skirt with a casual shirt.

Tunics, Waistcoats, And Vests Galore

Give your everyday tank, dress or skirt combination some extra pizzazz by throwing a tunic, waistcoat, and or vest over the outfit. Long vests and waistcoats look remarkable over a tank top and some culottes, and a long tunic provides your cropped tailored pants a polished, stunning look.

Tips to Wear the Right Workwear

Dress Respectively

Even if you have a casual and super cool boss, it is vital to dress respectively in the office. So, ladies don’t let your lingerie show through your wear or clothes; ensure your clothes are ironed.

Light Layers

Match your sleeveless outfit and combat the office's air conditioning by incorporating light layers into your hot months outfit for work. Denim jackets, breezy overshirts, and loose cardigans act as wonderful accents to your outfit. Additionally, they keep you relaxed when you are stuck sitting under the AC vent full day.

For example, if your typical work dress consists of a button-up skirt and shirt, complement your blouse with a right colored light sweater. Leave the cuffs and shirt out for an extra pop of color. You now have a versatile dress you can modify throughout the day as the temperature changes.

Floral Prints

For a tamer look, go for a floral print. Floral prints are one of the very important summertime attire, and it is simple and fun to incorporate them into your summer outfit for work. Stay on the safe side by keeping most of your dress relatively neutral, and accent it with an article of clothing that shows off your amazing florals.

Include A Splash of Color

If a dress consisting of bright, loud colors is not your thing, you can still celebrate the warmer, sunnier season by including a splash of color to make your dress really pop. A bright pink necklace paired with a white dress, neon yellow shoes to match your white and black pencil skirt and blouse, or a teal skirt that pops amid the rest of your relatively neutral dress creates a savvy and sharp look.

Bold Patterns

If you would rather add your vivid style into your summer outfits for work, go for clothing with bold patterns. Try keeping the frame of your professional dress the same to maintain a look right for the workplace, such as with a pencil skirt, A-line skirt, or shift dress. Pick articles for clothing with intricate, bright patterns anywhere from a tribal look to the abstract.

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