Safety Hats for your Scalp and Head Protection at Work Shops

Safety hats and hard caps are usually one size product that fits all heads, which means they are made adjustable with their side-flaps or neck-flaps. The structure of the hat is just the same; it is just the design that is sometimes altered by adding additional external features for making the product more flexible and comfortable to wear. Hard hats are best suited to protect wearers from work-generated blows and impacts on the construction or excavation sites. The material used for the external designs of the hat is high efficient polypropylene; foam padding and linen are lined inside the hat to add some thickness. The pads also ensure the comfort of the wearer. Since these paddings are usually thick, their design cushions the head inside the safety head by not halting or interrupting the work movements in any way.Though the material used for the designs of hard hats might be heavy-duty, yet it does not add weight to the size of the hat itself. High-quality hats feature vents that allow for continuous airflow to the wearer by enhancing breathability.
Looking for everyday workwear hard hats that will give you protection? We got you sorted. Allsorts Workwear brings you a fine collection of hard hats that will go perfectly with your workwear outfits and offer maximum comfort all day long.


The hard hat is made from cotton fabric that comes with excellent breathability and good moisture-absorbing ability to keep you dry and cool. It is designed to be durable and protective of any potential threat to the worker. Its light weight makes it easier to wear this hat for the entire day. The safety hat has a well-ventilated design with contoured ribs for added strength and protection. It is lightweight and suitable for construction workers. The hardhats are made from UV stabilised polypropylene. These come with sun protection of UPF 45+ and a sturdy steel wire construction for tough working environments. The hard hat earmuffs come in high-quality material, have a solid body, and lightweight ear cup construction. The inner foam and soft cushions provide comfort during extended wear.


This protective hat gives you a perfectly secure fit. It is suitable for high wind areas and comes with a rain guard and a reinforced peak for maximum security. The construction helmet comes with a strap that lets you adjust the hat to a perfect fit. The strap makes it easy to wear and remove the hat. Its 6-point harness makes wearing the hat easier and is suitable for temperatures up to 120 Degrees Celsius. The bump caps are vented for additional protection from chemicals and heat in industrial workplaces. The webbed harness cradling system promotes ventilation and keeps you comfortable working for extended hours.


With availability in a wide range of colour options like charcoal, blue, olive green, orange, yellow, red, black, white, etc., and versatile construction, the hats are ideal for heads of all sizes. The hard hats come with an exquisite design and distinctive features to offer maximised protection. You may print logos and names with the embroidery and digital printing services available at Allsorts Workwear. The worksite custom hard hats come in high visibility colours and have a reflective colour finish to make them highly visible even from a distance and in low light conditions. The safety helmets suit miners, welders, and construction site workers.


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