The Transformation of Our Women's Cargo Work Pants

The Transformation of Our Women's Cargo Work Pants

Nov 23, 2022shivangi raj

What Are High-Visibility Pants and Why Is It Important?

Using a mixture of reflective tape and fluorescent fabric to get the highest levels of visibility, hi vis womens cargo work pants and clothing is designed with the sole objective of making the wearer more visible with the view to rising personal safety.

Hi-vis women's clothing is perhaps most generally recognized in vest form, but it is also accessible in a big range of clothing styles including pants, shirts, jackets, hoodies, overalls, and hats.

Due to the safety aspect of its daily use hi vis clothing and women’s work pants is categorized as personal protective equipment (PPE) and for compliance must have an AS/NZS high visibility safety garments safety standards label defining the garment features and purpose for use?

All hi visibility products must meet AS/NZ standards in order to show the official safety standards label. The AS/NZS making lets consumers know that the item they are purchasing meets the lowest coverage requirements and is perfect for use as safety clothing. Without this label, the garment cannot be rated as hi visibility workwear and is, so, non-compliant.

How Alice Become Alison?

Amazing fitting cargoes designed to flex and move with you. The mid rise design gives support for bending, crawling, or squatting paired with a simple fit waistband providing an invisible expandable waistband. Segmented reflective tape permits for natural movement and these taped cargoes are constructed from soft yet tough stretch cotton.

Pockets galore and the unique cut to fit hem design by MAK workwear, so you can shorten or lengthen the leg lengths to make a best fit without the need of hemming.

The bottom of each cargo leg is triple hemmed so that the women’s cargo work pants can be cut according to leg length, providing women flexibility and eliminating a possible trip hazard. The protective work pants provide multipurpose, practical cargo pockets, extensive inside leg wasting and a handy glove loop. It also specs a big front pocket with sufficient room to fit a large smartphone in, complete with an exposed zip for simple access.

The latest and transformed Alison became an even more inclusive work pant for women, created to male all women feel like they belong at work. Four working ladies tested and tried the Alison women’s work pants on site in QLD and WA, providing them the thumbs up of approval!

Advantages of Alison Women’s Work Pants

You probably know the big importance of wearing the right personal protective equipment while working on any messy, outdoor or active job. Anyway, it seems like most of the emphasis is put on boots, helmets, and face protection equipment, while there is rarely any discussion about the importance of wearing the right women's workwear pants. Their objective is to save your legs from workplace risk, but that can only be accomplished by picking the best pair.

Here are some of the advantages of our Alison women’s work pants:


Since you are working in hard conditions, wearing a piece of clothing meant for leisure is not your top choice. The pieces of workwear you wear on site should keep you well-protected and safe, which means they should be made of more rugged materials. And this is where the best choice of work trousers saves the day. Women's work trousers will save you against the day to day injuries that often occur. With work pants, you will save yourself and spare your jeans from the harsh situations you are working in.

Durability & Flexibility

Normal wear and tear would not be of any worry to you as work pants are generally made from a cotton and polyester blend which makes them powerful and more durable than your regular pair of women's jeans. These strong materials have reinforced stitching to keep them together which makes them more rugged. Women work pants are a long-term investment that would not fail you. Additionally, besides being made from thick materials, work trousers don’t limit your movement in any way while working as they generally have a loose fit.


If you need to bring some important tools with you when changing working spots, your top bet is getting work trousers that have big sufficient pockets that can contain the little tools you need with you. There are working pants with zippers on their pockets, making them perfect for electricians or for people who carry big wrenches. Gather your work trousers with a compact jacket and you will be capable of storing a lot of little necessities in your pockets and would not need to carry a bag.

What to Look for When Buying Workwear Women Clothing and Pants

Here are the few considerations to keep in mind:


There are 3 standard classes for high vis clothing ranging from 1, 2 and 3. There is also “class” E that explains high-visibility pants being worn without other high-visibility garments.  Class 1 is fine for employees whose focus is not diverted from oncoming traffic while class 2 gives improved visibility during inclement weather. Class 3 provides highest visibility for workers that undertake tasks that place them in imminent risk of incoming traffic and where the visibility of the wearer is vital at a minimum distance of 1,280 feet.


Like any workwear, having extra pockets is generally a plus as it permits you to carry the most necessary tools for a job, saving time. Some of the top hi visibility clothing will even feature waterproof pockets for safe keeping for you the most vital tools and documents.


Like any workwear, you need high-visibility clothing that permits for a simple movement as you will likely be wearing it full day long.


OSHAs standards for hi visibility clothes demand that workers need to wear an orange, yellow, or a “strong” yellow-green workwear for amazing visibility. At night, you need to ensure your high vis workwear uses retroreflective material that reflects the color back to the source.


Tough zippers, polyester construction, and strengthened knees and elbows are some of the features that you will find in the very durable hi vis workwear.

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