Extensive Ear Protection with the technology of Earmuffs and Earplugs

Earmuffs offer the best ear protection from the noise generated within the worksite such as construction sites, music production houses, factories, farms, motorcycle couriers. Earmuffs or earplugs are added as an import part of the daily uniform for even those people who work on drilling and excavation projects under the grounds. Welders never work with their protective earmuffs because the noise their machine and tools produce is deafening. Any loud noise from an unnatural source can impair the hearing of a person. Therefore, it is essential to keep your ears covered. The best quality earplugs are usually suitable for sustained clamping. Ear protection offers a wide range of ear muffs, bullet-shaped earplugs, and premium quality headbands. Most of these protective accessories are designed with Vinyl cushions and EVA foam paddings to keep you comfortable in the work environment.  The company offers hygiene kits upon requests. Almost all protective earmuffs come with an adjustable vertical headband to allow great fitting during real-time use. Besides, there are rolling ear cup pins to maximize your comfort during use.
Ensure maximum ear protection with the uniquely constructed earmuffs and earplugs available at Allsorts Workwear. The high-quality construction is most suitable for tough working environments.


The bullet earplugs are made of disposable polyurethane foam and effectively block all unwanted and high-pitched noises. The 3m earplugs come in superior quality and slow rebound bullet shape that reduces noise and protects the ear from foreign bodies, water intrusion, dust, etc. These foam earplugs comply with the AS/NZS standards and are also certified products by BSI. These vertical adjusting earmuffs have large cup openings filled with foam and the soft cushions offer comfort and enhanced sealing properties. The inner foam and soft cushions provide comfort even during long working hours. The durable plastic is strong yet soft and flexible. These safety earmuffs offer a long-lasting and high performance. The strong durability makes these withstand pressure in industrial workplaces and offers you the utmost comfort and convenience.


The disposable polyurethane (PU) foam bullet-shaped earplug comes attached with a PVC cord. These have a contemporary design and a solid yet lightweight ear cup construction. They come with a low clamping force that applies minimum pressure while maintaining a tight and snug seal. The padded foam headband minimises pressure on the head, and the steel wire provides a robust construction to withstand demanding use. The twin stirrup stainless steel headband is suitable for sustained clamping force and low pressure. The PPE earmuffs also have an easy vertical adjustment headband and rolling ear cup pivot pins for added wearer comfort. The noise-canceling earplugs have been specifically designed for increased comfort when wearing elastic ear loops or surgical dust masks. These will relieve the tension on the ears when masks are worn for extended periods.


The reusable earplugs protect the ear from high-pitched sounds as these have a slow rebound bullet shape and noise-reducing PU foam. These offer hearing protection for noise levels up to 110dB(A) and 116dB(A). You can also wear the 32dB ear muffs with safety helmets as they meet different industrial requirements. The workplace dispenser holds 500 pairs of ProBullet or ProBell disposable uncorded earplugs and dispenses one pair at a time. It also comes with screws for optional wall mounting. The brightly coloured earmuffs like orange, yellow, and green offer high visibility even in low light conditions and are sealed in OPP satchel in pairs to ensure hygiene levels.


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