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Stay Visible and Safe with Our Hi-Vis Singlets

At Allsorts Workwear, safety is a priority. Our range of hi-vis singlets is designed to keep you safe and visible on the job. Ideal for high-risk environments, these singlets ensure you are easily seen, while also providing comfort during your workday.

Explore Our Collection of Workwear Vests

Our workwear vest collection is perfect for those who need an extra layer of protection without sacrificing mobility. These vests are versatile, durable, and suitable for various working conditions, making them a staple in any professional wardrobe.

Men's Work Vests: Durability Meets Functionality

Discover our selection of men's work vests, engineered for the hardworking man. These vests offer both functionality and resilience, ensuring you are well-equipped for any task at hand.

Workwear Singlets: Comfort for Every Professional

Our workwear singlets are designed with the professional in mind. They provide a balance of comfort and practicality, perfect for everyday wear in various work environments.

Hi-Vis Work Singlets: Safety in Every Stitch

Our hi-vis work singlets are a must-have for anyone working in low visibility areas. Made with high-quality materials, they ensure you remain visible and safe, while also offering the comfort needed for long hours on the job.

High-Quality and Breathable Mesh Fabric

The Jb's wear safety vest is a strong garment made of 100% polyester tricot that enhances durability and is resistant to shrinking or wrinkling. The t-shirts come in a breathable, moisture-absorbing cotton finish fabric with anti-shrink and anti-fade properties. This absolutely easy-care fabric does not wear out even after many washes and requires minimal ironing. The flexible material is suitable for easy air circulation and evaporation of moisture. The water-resistant soft shell singlet complies with AS/NZS standards, making it convenient to handle challenging and scorching environments. The reversible style jacket comes with a reversed side in navy colour and water-resistant fabric with a breathable membrane. It also had a bonded internal fleece with polyester wadding for warmth. The mens singlets offer protection from the sun's UV rays and have a UPF rating of 50+. This lightweight, breathable, cool mesh fabric comes with a curved back hem for maximum weather and abrasion protection.

Refined Vests and Singlets in Modern Fit

The singlet tops come in a modern regular fit and partitions at the front and back body. The waist pockets have reflective waterproof zippers on the front and angled waist pockets on the sides to give you maximum storage capacity. You can easily fit your essential tools or pens in these storage pockets. The women’s singlet tops come with a chin guard zip stopper to easily wear and remove the singlets. The vests come with a reflective taped H pattern at the front and the reflective taped X pattern at the back. These zip-front jackets for men have a highly visible range during both day and night as these feature reflective tape on the fluorescent orange fabric while complying with industry standards. The work vests also come with a PVC patch ID pocket for easy identification of workers.

Salient Features and Design

These safety vest jackets are designed for long-wear comfort using lightweight fabric and meet all the demands of workers in various industries. These are a perfect fit for most shapes and sizes, and Allsorts Workwear features vests and singlets in small, medium, and large sizes. With 5 colours and patterns available, these singlets are elegant and convenient to wear. The vests also come in high visibility colours like orange, green, and yellow, making them perfect for working in low light conditions. Coordinate these powerlifting singlets with straight pants to get the perfect comfy and elegant look.

Additional Products & Services at Allsorts Workwear

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  • Workwear Shirts: Explore our wide selection of durable and comfortable workwear shirts, designed to meet the demands of various job environments.
  • Hi-Vis Jumpers: Stay warm and visible with our hi-vis jumpers, combining safety and comfort for those working in cooler, low-light conditions.

Allsorts Workwear: Ensuring Visibility and Comfort in Every Layer

Embrace safety and functionality with Allsorts Workwear's range of hi-vis singlets, workwear vests, and men's work vests. Our commitment to providing high-quality, visible, and comfortable workwear ensures that you are equipped for any challenge the day brings. Trust Allsorts Workwear for all your hi-vis and work vest needs, where every product is a promise of safety, durability, and comfort.



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