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At Allsorts Workwear, we understand the importance of eye protection. That's why we offer a variety of eye protectors that are designed to suit every need. Our range of products offers something for everyone, from safety glasses and safety goggles to welding helmets and welding curtains. Discover our selection of eye-protective eyewear today! Allsorts Workwear offers a wide range of eye protection equipment to suit any profession or industry. From welders and carpenters to surgeons and dentists - the highly skilled team at Allsorts Workwear can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.
Explore the finest collection of safety goggles and glasses at Allsorts Workwear that will keep you protected in the industrial workplace and are specially designed to cater to industrial requirements.


The safety glasses have a lightweight body and a streamlined design. These come with a high contour base single lens with 180-degree distortion-free viewing, giving it great coverage to protect the eyes. The safety goggles offer a medium impact performance and 99.9% UV Protection. The recyclable spec has a polycarbonate lens, and the temple comes with side ventilation for more comfort. These polycarbonate lenses have an anti-scratch coating on both sides and come in a sturdy frame. The vented safety goggles have exceptional anti-fog properties and trap condensation to stop airflow. This distinctive safety eyewear has six base dual lenses that are made of polycarbonate, nylon, and elastomeric arms. The vented specs come with double foam seals and vented hard rubber for dust-prone working conditions. The eye protection glasses have been certified to AS/NZS personal eye protection and comply with the global standards for PPE.


The visitor’s spec is designed to fit all face types. You get a comfortable fit with the straight temple arms that have rubber grips including the rubber nose grip. The protective glasses reduce eye stress and are suitable for high glare conditions. These offer an unobstructed view and wrap around safely. The elastic at back is apt for easy adjustment, and the close-fitting of the specs and the lightweight design provides comfort all day. The close fit spec has a unique hand-painted web design and gloss polycarbonate frame that encases the 8-base lens. It also has a narrow 3-dimensional temple design with straight temple arms. This protective eyewear features temple grips and a nose pad for maximum comfort. The grip enhancement helps the glasses stay firm and in place even if you are involved in tough and extensive industrial work activities.


The safety face shields are designed to offer protection, comfort, and durability. These come with anti-fog properties and a hypoallergenic foam band that can absorb sweat and provides comfort all day long. The thick sponge and vented foam design offer increased airflow and comfort. This safety shield has a welded band that gives the face shield added strength and reliability. These protective shields can be used in any industry and comply with all the safety standards. You may add logos or names to the featured PPE products to get a customised look.


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