Wear Protective P2 Dust Mask/half face Masks and Improve Air Quality

Half Face Respirators or P2 dust masks are designed with high technology; these products usually work by filtering the air around you. These masks protect respiratory organs such as bronchitis and lungs from harmful particles, pollution, poisonous substances, and other hazardous viruses such as Ebola and  Novel Corona.
Half face masks feature high-quality filtration systems that clean and purity the air during the inhalation process. Some half-face masks can be adjusted over according to nasal types. Disposable masks usually have activated carbon filters that can be replaced from time to time for more protection.  Whether you buy P2 dust masks or half-face respirators, keep in mind that both types are made with breathable materials that are comfortable to wear. The material makes these masks washable and reusable.Dig into our collection of top-notch dust and half masks.
Check out the latest collection of PPE dust masks and half masks at Allsorts Workwear. These uniquely designed masks come with a soft texture as well as durable quality to give you the utmost comfort and protection.


The safety masks are certified to AS/NZS standards for respiratory protective devices. The disposable respirators protect you against mechanically and thermally generated particles and come in a lightweight cupped design for comfort during extended hours of work. The protective masks come with a flexible mesh which ensures optimum shape retention for a perfect and airtight fit. These also have pro valves that reduce heat build-up under the mask and offer increased exhalation and comfort. The antibacterial masks can be easily washed and maintain antibacterial properties and an odour neutralising effect to make the face cover smell fresh all day long. These are tested as per the standards for determining the antimicrobial activity of immobilised antimicrobial agents under dynamic contact conditions. The three-layered dust masks are reusable and can be gently hand washed.


Allsorts Workwear also features protective goggles and mask combos that give an optimal fit, easy breathability, and Filtration. It also minimises lens fogging and comes with fully adjustable straps to achieve the perfect fit & comfort. The respirator masks use medium impact protection lenses and have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. These are certified as per the AS/NZS standards and offer the most unobstructed view.


The half masks come in a low-profile fitted design with quick-lock straps for easy application and release. The fully adjustable four-point cradle suspension ensures an effective facial fit. The adjustable nose bridge gives a better seal, and the soft inner nose foam is apt for ultimate comfort and fit. The aluminum-free nose clip is suitable to reduce the risk of igniting a spark while working in industrial workplaces. These masks for safety are perfect to be worn under most welding helmets. They are specially designed for easy storage and are individually packed to avoid contamination. These PPE masks come in a resealable poly bag that ensures that the masks remain hygienically stored. Allsorts Workwear offers reusable and disposable masks that can be disposed of after use. These masks are available in free size and in a wide range of colours like white, black, grey, blue, and more.


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