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Nursing and Healthcare Footwear is generally an overlooked uniform element, but it can make an important difference to the wearer. After all, comfort is not a luxury in healthcare and medical professions. When you are facing challenging needs day in, and day out, relaxation is a necessity to your health. If you are a nurse, you can support the health of your feet with a little help from Allsorts Workwear Australia. Shop for our nursing shoes exclusively made for individuals who are on their feet for a complete day. Safety and comfort are just as vital to us as they are to you, we are proud to provide some of the best nursing shoes Australia on the market. We have nursing shoes for women to help make your workdays safer and more relaxed. This includes machine washable leather uppers and slip resistant outsoles.

What are the most vital shoes for nurses?

Our relaxed nursing clogs and shoes come with a range of very valuable features that are sure to keep you working your very best. Do you treat pets instead of people? Our healthcare shoes are also best for vets!

Relax for all day wear

Get rid of the stress of finding comfortable vet, nurse, and healthcare worker shoes when you shop at Allsorts Workwear. Our collection of vet, nurse, and healthcare shoes will meet your full day comfort needs and more. The most vital feature of our nursing shoes is the comfort that they bring for your feet, which gives massage-like experience and arch support.

Slip resistant

We provide a number of slip resistant hospital and nurse shoes and clogs to help you stay during your shift.

Simple to clean

Further to providing full day comfort, our material is odor resistant, water resistant and simply clean. Our shoe material makes cleaning our clogs and shoes quick and easy, to help you feel fresh full shift.

The impact of bad footwear

Running or walking around the ward to attend to patients can take its toll on your feet. If you are not wearing the right shoes or relaxing shoes, you will immediately begin to feel the effects.

To put this into perspective, taking a hike in bad shoes, or even shopping for a few hours in the wrong boots can leave your feet injured for days. The pain may hinder your productivity, the time you take to finish tasks, and even your mood. You may struggle to drive, walk, or even put shoes on – and that is just after one day of intense walking.

As a doctor or nurse, wearing the wrong type of shoes can raise your risk of developing foot pain, plantar fasciitis, fractures, and more. Poor footwear options can contribute to general sports injuries such as Achilles and shin splints, tendon pain, bunions and corns, postural issues, ingrown nails and lower back pain.

Picking the right shoe

It is essential to utilize a holistic perspective when deciding on the best pair of nursing shoes. Your purchase needs to be based on foot support, arch height, as well as comfortability. Buying shoes is extremely individualized, and it is advised to try and feel several shoes prior to buying a pair.



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