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Explore Our Range of Workwear Shirts

Discover the ultimate collection of workwear shirts at Allsorts Workwear, designed to cater to the diverse needs of the modern workforce. Our selection ranges from rugged, durable shirts and singlets for everyday wear to specialised options for specific industry requirements.

High Visibility Shirts for Enhanced Safety

Safety is a priority, and our high visibility shirts are at the forefront of workplace safety apparel. Choose from our extensive range of hi vis tops, including the popular orange hi-vis shirts and yellow work shirts, which are not only functional but also comply with safety standards.

Orange Hi-Vis Shirts – The Symbol of Safety and Durability

Stand out for safety with our orange hi-vis shirts. These shirts are designed to ensure maximum visibility in various work environments, making them an essential part of your safety gear.

Yellow Work Shirts - Bright, Durable, and Comfortable

Our yellow work shirts are crafted to provide comfort without compromising on safety. Their bright colour and durable fabric make them a top choice for professionals in various industries.

Safety Shirts: More Than Just Clothing

Our range of safety shirts goes beyond just being a piece of clothing; they are a vital tool for ensuring your safety in hazardous work environments. With Allsorts Workwear, you’re choosing a brand that values your safety as much as you do.

Fabric Quality with Top-Notch Construction

The Hi-Vis work shirts on Allsorts Workwear feature everything you’ve come to expect. The KingGee work cool shirts are made from lightweight, breathable fabric and 145gsm ripstop cotton. The Hard Yakka legends shirt is a warm and comfortable bonded fleece Sherpa shirt for outdoor adventuring or those cold morning work shifts. It has a fleece lining for warmth on the body and under the collar. The SYZMIK men’s visibility shirts are made of a super breathable lightweight fabric to keep you cool all day. The underarms and upper back have mesh venting construction to maximise airflow while working in hot conditions. The crinkle-resistant lightweight fabric makes these shirts easy to pack so that you can carry them anywhere, even in a small bag. The Bisley women’s work shirts are made with exclusive Fresche antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacteria, mould, and viruses.

Fit and Style Which Suits Your Body

Many different kinds of fits and styles are available on Allsorts Workwear, like the modern, regular, classic fit, etc. The Hard Yakka Sherpa shirts have a modern fit with button-down placket closure. It includes two buttoned chest pockets for secure storage, two angled front welt pockets to keep your hands warm and for added storage, a curved hemline for ease of movement, adjustable sleeve cuffs, and a flip stand collar for added protection. The KingGee work remarkable women’s shirts come with a fit tailored specially for women. It has a three-piece collar with an extension to protect you from sunrays and has two chest pockets with a pen partition. The Hi-Vis Workwear shirts have full front button-down closure, a two-piece collar, two front pockets with button-down flaps, and a pen insert.

Additional Features

The high visibility work shirts come in a wide range of colours and size up to 7 or 8XL. The two-toned contrast colour shirts make you stand out in the crowd and get noticed from a far distance. The Hard Yakka legends work shirts come with a free beanie as a gift and have thermal insulation. The Bisley work visibility shirts have a reflective taped hoop pattern and have wide gusset sleeve cuffs. The reflective tapes on these shirts let you work efficiently during night shifts and be visible to others in dim lights. We also offer custom embroidery services to personalise your workwear.

Allsorts Workwear: Where Safety Meets Style

Step into safety and style with Allsorts Workwear, where our range of workwear shirts, from hi-vis t-shirts and hi-vis singlets to custom-desig

ned safety shirts, offers the perfect blend of functionality and fashion. We’re committed to your safety and comfort, ensuring that every shirt we offer is a testament to our dedication to quality. 

Choose Allsorts Workwear for your workwear needs, and experience the difference that comes with wearing apparel designed with your safety and professional image in mind.



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