Workwear logo printing VS embroidery explained

Workwear logo printing VS embroidery explained

Feb 14, 2022Sajib Hossain

There are many different methods that can be used for printing or embroidery. The two most popular methods that are used for logos are, logo printing and logo embroidery. Logo printing is the process of transferring a design onto a garment by printing with ink on them. Logo embroidery is the process of sewing threads onto a garment to create an image.

There are many different printing techniques for workwear logos. One is embroidery. Embroidery is a more expensive technique but can last longer than printed logos if done by a professional. Logo printing lasts about 3-4 years depending on the quality of the workwear and the logo itself. The cheaper option of logo printing can be very messy and hard to clean up. This article will compare and contrast these two processes.

What is workwear logo printing?

Workwear logo printing is a process where a company's logo is printed onto the clothing that their employees wear. This is done to promote brand awareness and loyalty among employees, as well as create an identifiable look for the company.

Advantage of Workwear logo printing

There are many advantages of logo printing. For one, logo printing is most often used for promotional purposes. With logo printing, marketing campaigns can be transformed into more branded marketing campaigns with an eye-catching design.

  • Logo printing is a process that uses silkscreen to apply ink to a substrate, such as paper or fabric.
  • It's a cost-effective, fast and reliable way to produce logos on a large scale.
  • Logo printing can be done on anything from posters, shirts, mugs, and mouse pads.
  • You can also choose from different materials such as 100% cotton, polyester, or canvas.

What is workwear logo embroidery?

Workwear logo embroidery is a process of adding embroidered logos to garments. It is typically done on the chest, back, or both. When it comes to advertising or promoting your company, there is no better way than with logo embroidery. Companies like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor are all known for their logo embroidery on their workwear. It can be seen on polo shirts, shorts, jackets, hats, athletic wear, and more.


Advantage of workwear logo embroidery

Logo embroidery has been one of the latest trends in the fashion industry. This technique is used to create a three dimensional design with unique textures and stitching in two colors. The process turns an ordinary shirt into a custom garment that best reflects the company's brand.

  • Startups are taking notice of this new trend, seeing it as a low-cost marketing tool to stand out in their local community.
  • The embroidered logo is an excellent way to get your business noticed without the high price tag.
  • The advantage of this type of logo lies in its ability to stand out on any shirt, jacket, or other item.
  • Another advantage is that the logos are usually more durable than printed logos - once you invest in an embroidered logo, it will stay with you for life.


Final Thought

In conclusion, embroidery provides the best quality, longevity, and durability for your company logo. Logo printing is cheaper in the short term but can cost you in the long run.

This article explains the difference between embroidery and print on workwear. Embroidery provides a higher quality of logo, lasts longer, and is more durable than print on workwear.

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