Christmas Scrubs Australia

Christmas Scrubs Australia

Mar 05, 2021UP Jina

Christmas scrubs have long been a traditional Christmas tradition. Kids, adults and even the corporate management have participated in making them for years. These are a great holiday gift for employees who are supervised by nurses. They can keep their holiday party theme and nurse uniform combination consistent with the year yet still get the holiday spirit.


Most holiday themed scrubs are white or one of the brighter shades of green, blue or pink. Xmas scrubs are much more festive as they are in tune with the theme. There is a wide variety of scrub combinations to choose from and there are many different printed Christmas scrubs to choose from as well. They can range from cheerful Christmas cards, to snowman scrubs, to gingerbread man scrubs, to Christmas tree scrubs.


Nurses are the most visible part of the health care profession and one of the most recognizable clothing items around. They are seen at Christmas time, on a regular basis and serve as a reminder of why people visit their doctor. This makes them a popular theme for holiday-themed scrub sets. Nurses can dress in the traditional nurse uniform consisting of a white or red coat with a long white apron and white stethoscope attached. They can dress up their nursing scrubs a bit more with a Christmas themed scrub top and a pair of nurse ear gloves.


The scrub top can be left as it is or added with holiday inspired flair. Along with the standard Christmas colors, nurses can dress up their Christmas scrubs with an embroidered star or red bow tie. Other fun ideas include a candy cane or a stocking filled with goodies that the patient will surely love.


Holiday themed scrub sets can be found in many fabric and print options. The most popular styles tend to be those that are printed like Christmas trees or snowflakes. These prints can be found in solid colors like green or solid white or in multicolored prints that mimic small Christmas trees or snowflakes. Printed scrubs can really make a cheerful holiday appearance in and of themselves, so feel free to let your imagination run wild when it comes to decorating your Christmas-themed scrubs.


Scrubs don't have to stop at the workplace. During a holiday party, these scrub tops can add a festive touch to any office or home. Decorate the entire room in a festive theme, whether you're dressing up the entire staff or just inviting a few friends over. A large holiday print or a small label taped to the mirror in the bathroom can help set the tone for the evening and provide inspiration for other holiday themed touches throughout the rest of the house.


Nurses and medical professionals are already among the most popular groups that wear Christmas scrubs. A fun idea for nurses is to dress in their hospital scrubs and turn them into Christmas scrubs with a few tweaks. Instead of the traditional red and green colors, print out Christmas themed images on the scrub top in black ink. A Santa hat can be embroidered right onto the top of the scrub top for an even more festive look. You could also have a lanyard printed with the nurse's name, ID and number placed neatly on the front so that patients will be able to identify their assigned nurse during the rest of the evening.


Decorating for a Christmas holiday party doesn't have to stop at the office. These fun and festive styles of scrub sets are great to give out as gifts during the holidays. Make sure that the recipients know that they are supposed to put them on before their next visit to the office!

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