Chef uniforms wholesale embroidery

Chef uniforms wholesale embroidery

Jan 17, 2021Hena Bhimani

Types of Chef Uniforms

There are two chief types of Chef uniforms - Hospitality and Workwear. Hospitality uniform has the main characteristic that it is made up of a top and bottom, whereas Workwear uniform is made up of two tops (one top and one bottom) and two bottoms (one top and one bottom). It is important to note that the chef's uniform is considered Workwear by law. However, it is not necessary for the chef to wear Workwear uniform in the kitchen as he may work in a bar or some other public place. In general, Chef uniforms for the Hospitality sector are more informal and come in various colors.


Chef aprons are made of two basic materials - cotton and nylon. The color of the Chef aprons depends on the main theme of the restaurant or food service. In the case of Hospitality sector, a lighter color of the Chef Aprons and a darker color of the Workwear are the main theme of the uniforms. For example, in the restaurant, the main theme will be blue or black, whereas the Workwear will be light green or yellow color. However, in case of Hospitality sector, it will depend on the client's choice.

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