As Colour Bulk Wholesale printed clothing online

As Colour Bulk Wholesale printed clothing online

Dec 30, 2020UP Jina

AS Colour Clothing: Brand Information

AS Colour Clothing is a reputed supplier of quality apparels in both Australia and New Zealand. The brand take pride in putting together a stunning range of clothing. What makes AS colour clothing special would be its different level of supply! In the first level of supply, you will gain garments from China and Bangladesh. Most of the garments are sourced from Bangladesh. And, around 40% of the garments are obtained from China. Indeed, this brand ensures that all its products can be traced easily. AS clothing takes pride in delivering garments from 16 different factories. And, nine of these factories are key players in delivering quality produces.

Consumers who are keen on quality products, always find AS Colour Clothing interesting. This is because the supply chain is audited and visited periodically. This is how the company enjoys maximum levels of engagement and transparency.

Now that we have completed the first level of supply, AS Colour Clothing ventures into a second stage. In this stage, both dye houses and fabric suppliers get involved. One might be curious to know how and why this brand has a stunning collection of produces. Well, the primary reason would be its dye houses and fabric creators. More than 60% of the brand’s collection are from suppliers who engage in dying and knitting. And, most of these suppliers are specialists in creating fine pieces of fabrics. The next time you get hold of an AS Colour Clothing product, don’t forget to focus on the fineness and soft nature of the apparel.

Cotton Farms of AS Color Clothing!

Cotton Australia is a reputed organization that focuses on sustainable clothing. And, this brand has always found AS Colour clothing impressive. Raw cotton for creating these unique pieces of clothing are sourced from India, Africa, Australia, China and Brazil. In fact, 30 percent of the brand’s cotton is obtained from China. This way, the brand ensures on purity. Whether you are aiming for light shades, or darker colors – AS Colour Clothing has the finest range of choices for you. Today, the brand is keen in moving towards sustainable clothing. And, this gives you another reason to choose this brand.

Our Mission and Vision

AS Colour Clothing sticks to a stunning mission statement, doing the right thing. This is crucial for the brand’s customers and team. During every stage of design and production, the brand believes that individuals are keen in making a difference. This is why the brand sticks to continuous development. The codes and methods used by AS Color Clothing are improved regularly.

                Do you know that AS Colour Clothing joined the Amfori BSCI initiative in the year 2018? This was a way of improving the company’s code of conduct. In addition to these factors, the brand was keen in sustainable development.

Your Options!

Now, lets understand more on why you can grab from AS Colour Clothing. This includes blank hats, blank tees, blank pants, shorts, singlets, beanies, fleece, sweats, polors and shirts. In fact, you will be able to buy blank bags from AS Colour Clothing too.


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